Creating a steady stream of leads
for blinds and roller shutters for the company ATIKA

ATIKA – Production and installation of blinds and roller blinds in Yekaterinburg.


  • Create a steady stream of leads from the internet at an optimal price

of work

Together with the customer it was decided to create a new site in Landing Page format

In parallel with the creation of the site, we set up advertising in Yandex Direct


Website development

  1. Topic immersion and marketing analysis
  2. Website prototype development
  3. Website design
  4. Site layout design

Ad customization

  1. Worked through a core of queries, categorizing them by direction and “warmth”
  2. Created ads on Search, using all possible extensions.
  3. Worked out queries for media campaigns
  4. Developed text and graphic ads in a media campaign
  5. We set up analytics in Yandex Metrics and linked Metrics and Direct.
  6. We hooked up an automatic rate management system.

Order flow
at $4.37

Brief statistics of Yandex.Direct:

Advertising budget: $105.32
Clicks: 761
Cost per click 0.13$
Number of leads: 24
Cost per lead: 4,37$

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