Setting up advertising campaigns
for the dental clinic in Kazan CityStom

CITYSTOM – Dental Clinic in Kazan.


  • Get the maximum number of leads with the minimum budget

of work

Creating a Lead Generation advertising campaign: used audiences with different interests.

Optimize ads after a successful launch.


  • Created new creatives tailored to the client’s promotions and offers, targeting customer pains.

  • When analyzing the Target Audience, several options were offered (Business, Online Shopping, Health, Broad Audience tests)

  • Businesses and the general public have been the most successful, subsequently.

  • Various places of advertising placement were also tested. The feed and Instagram stories showed their effectiveness.

Created a steady stream of leads at an average cost
up to $2.62 for dentures, ultrasonic cleaning and other client services

Facebook Ads Summary Stats:

Clicks 887
Average cost per click: 0.30$
Expense: $269.39.
Number of leads: 115
Average cost per lead: $2.34

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