Setting up advertising campaigns for the company
sushi, rolls and pizza delivery in Novouralsk Vostochny Express

EAST EXPRESS – Sushi, rolls and pizza delivery in Novouralsk


  • Create a steady stream of leads
  • Find new sources of customers

of work

Setting up advertisements in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads for search, media campaigns

Connection and integration of bid manager for automatic rate management

Setting up analytics systems Yandex Metrica and Google Analytics


  • Collected a core of queries for search advertising, media campaigns

  • Developed new text-to-graphic ads utilizing all extensions as well as adaptive ads for Google ads
  • Connected bid manager and customized ad campaign strategies
  • Set up the analytics system Yandex Metrika in Google Analytics to track and optimize the traffic coming to the site

Bids for roll and pizza delivery
from $0.62

Brief statistics of Yandex.Direct:

Clicks: 756
Total expense (Excluding VAT): 173,17$
Recorded conversions: 277
Conversion price: $0.62

Google Ads summary statistics

Clicks: 548
Total expense (Excluding VAT): 54,85$
Recorded conversions: 31
Conversion price: $1.76

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