Optimizing advertising campaigns for
of the construction company "ECOPAN URAL"

Ecopan Ural – Low-rise construction from Ecopan panels in the Urals region


  • Analyze advertising campaigns in Yandex. Direct
  • Reduce the cost per lead
  • Increase the number of leads from Yandex.Direct
Starting Data:
Expenditures for the week: $144.25
Requests (leads) per week: 5
Cost of Request (lead): 28,85$

of work

Complete analysis of advertising campaigns with the provision of a report

Creating and setting up ads in the system Yandex.Direct for the search engine and advertising network yandex.

Connection of bid manager for automatic rate management


  • Collected a new core of queries for search advertising and media campaigns

  • Developed new text-to-graphic ads utilizing all extensions

  • Developed 4 variants of graphic ads for each group of ads in the yandex advertising network

Part of a semantic map (query map) for the client Ecopan Ural
  • Age adjustment (ads will be shown only to users 25 years and older)
  • Connected bid manager and customized ad campaign strategies

reduced the cost per lead by 6 times
increased the number of house building leads to 8 per day

Brief statistics of Yandex.Direct:

Expenditures for the week: $184.47.
Requests (leads) per week: 28
Cost of request (lead): 6,57$

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