website development
for the LOVE KITCHEN kitchen factory

FAVORITE CUISINE – Kitchen factory with a network of showrooms throughout Russia.


Develop a landing page for quick results

Develop a multi-page website for long-term promotion

of work

Analyse competitors
Make prototypes of websites
Develop and approve the design
Launch sites


Development of specialised landing pages:

Development of a multifunctional website

      • Creating a website, covering:
        • Catalogue of kitchens.
        • Catalogue of components for the kitchen set.
        • A section with customer stories.
        • A page to connect new franchisees.
        • The section on designers.
        • Bespoke furniture catalogue.
        • Catalogue of wardrobes.
        • Article section and other functional sections.

Special attention is paid to creating a selling structure of the site: each page and section is designed as a separate landing page to effectively attract advertising traffic and retain customers.

Design and creation of presentation materials:

Designing a presentation and kitchen catalogue for print and digital versions.

The site was developed in 2018.
The entire project was completed in 6 months.

The website attracts customers
and remains relevant even after 5 years

We invite you to explore the site for yourself by clicking on the link:

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