Setting up advertising campaigns
for MIMI Laser hair removal studios

MIMI LASER– Laser hair removal studios.


  • Get the maximum number of applications with the minimum budget

of work

Creating advertising campaigns for different cities

Development of advertising creatives for the pains of the target audience

Creating high-converting lead forms

Audience analysis and subsequent optimization


  • Created new creatives targeting customers’ pains, taking into account the client’s promotions and offers

  • When analyzing the CA, several groups were identified: Business, Online Shopping, Health, General Audience

  • The most successful groups of the Target Audience were Broad and Business

  • Various advertising locations were also tested. Instagram feeds and stories have been shown to be effective

Created a steady flow of leads
with an average cost of $8.04 per club card

Facebook statistics from August 5 to September 20, 2021:

Clicks: 1424
Average cost per click: $1.91
Expense: $2,725.58
Number of leads: 339
Average cost per lead: $8.04

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