for PIZZA MIA restaurant chain

PIZZA MIA is a fast food chain of 27 restaurants in six regional centers: Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Perm.


  • Increase attendance at two new restaurants in Yekaterinburg
  • Increase brand awareness of Pizza Mia through media advertising
  • Announce the promotion “Fourth dish for 1 ruble” in these restaurants

of work

Development of a promotional website for the promotion Fourth dish for 1 ruble

Creating and setting up ads in the system Yandex.Direct for the search engine and advertising network yandex.

Creation and customization of advertisements in Google Ads system for search and contextual-media network.

Targeting in Vkontakte and myTarget by target audience


  • Developed a landing page with an appeal to get 4 meals for 1 ruble

  • Optimized this page for cell phones and tablets

  • Made social settings and indicated on the map the addresses of 2 new restaurants, where the promotion is active

  • Developed 10-15 variations of graphic ads for each ad system

  • Collected key queries for advertising in the Yandex.Direct and Google Ads systems (targeted / semi-targeted)

  • Made age adjustment ads will be shown only to users from 14 to 30 years old

  • Set up hyperlocal targeting ads are shown to users of a specific location

  • Set up Vkontakte targeting 4 ad campaigns for different ad types (24 ads in total)

  • We have set up analytics systems for summarizing data on all advertising channels (YAD, GA, VK)

  • Created 3 types of graphic ads, 12 different formats to run media ads

3,482,000 impressions and
5,079 clicks in 20 days!

Brief statistics of Yandex.Direct:

2.43 million impressions
Clicks 2,480
Expense $481.28

Google Ads summary statistics

473 280 impressions
Clicks 1 877
Expense 205,46$

Summary of Vkontakte statistics

390 119 impressions
Clicks 665
Expense 198,86$

Summary of myTarget statistics

180 314 impressions
Clicks 57
Expense 36,51$

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