Website development
for the manufacturer Radigrin

RADIGRIN is a manufacturer of gels for plant rooting, flowering, growth activation, rapid recovery of mother plants and awakening after dormancy.


  • To bring all pages of the site to the same style
  • Take the top spot in search engines for branded queries

Old design of the main page of the site

of work

  • Development of website design layout
  • Harmonisation and layout of the site
    SEO optimisation of website pages
  • Setting up Yandex.Metrics, Webmaster, Google Search Console, Analytics and other services
  • Setting up advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct


  • Created a consistent style for all pages of the site, improving the user experience.

  • Optimised the site for mobile phones and tablets

  • Conducted a comprehensive SEO-optimisation of the site pages, including the purchase of link mass

New homepage design –

  • Set up web analytics tools and advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct
  • Achieved high positions in search results for key queries

More than 50,000 rubles
stable profits every month without investing in advertising

Brief statistics for the month:

Site visitors: 976
Direct sales from the website: 15
Profit: 51,240 RUB

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