SEO site audit: how to identify weaknesses and eliminate them

In today’s world, where the internet has become one of the main channels for businesses to attract customers, the quality and functionality of your website is of paramount importance. To make sure your web resource is effective, conduct an SEO audit. But how to do it right? 1. What is an SEO audit? SEO audit […]

The 6 most important metrics for measuring the success of your content

Imagine you invest a lot of effort and time in creating content for your website or blog, but how do you realize how well it’s working? How do you measure the effectiveness of your content? In this article, we’ll cover seven of the most important metrics to help you track the results of your content […]

How do you create a successful digital marketing strategy?

Many brands just follow the latest internet marketing trends.When a social media platform becomes popular, they publish on it. For every instant success in the Digital marketing world, there are dozens of brands quietly developing solid, data-driven digital marketing strategies. Committing to the process of growth requires intentionality and constant attention. You don’t just want […]

How do I securely grant access to Google Ads?

When working with different contractors to set up and manage Google Ads, you may have a question – How do I secure my advertising account so that the new specialist does not leave with my account in oblivion? To securely transfer access, you should not share your username and password with people you don’t know. […]

Objection Handling Scripts for Digital Agency

Продажи в любом бизнесе играют самую важную роль. Сильный отдел продаж может вывести вашу компанию на новый уровень в кратчайшие сроки. Но на любом пути встречаются преграды. В продажах такие преграды называются возражениями. Возражение — это убеждение или реальная причина, которая мешает клиенту совершить покупку. Не нужно пугаться возражений. Говоря возражение, клиент хочет убедиться в […]

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